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Forget the things you know.

Restart fresh.


freshcoat is an innovative concept in nail care.

freshcoat was born out of the idea that wholesome beauty and social responsibility should not be mutually exclusive. We've created a nail care brand that promotes wellness and self-care, uses only high quality eco-conscious products and conserves precious water and resources.

Our East Hampton salon is a clean, modern and inviting space that supports our commitment to cleanliness, conservation and comfort. All our treatments are hygienic and waterless while our polishes are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, our new line of products hold true to the very same principles. Created in small batches, in-house, with carefully sourced ingredients we have our customers in mind, always.

It’s time to treat yourself the right way. Come and experience our salon or we'll bring the ritual of freshcoat right to your home or office.

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